Ecwid Taco Shop Encinitas

This taco shop shows you just how amazing an omnichannel buying experience can be with Ecwid and our partners. 

This is a test store for demo purposes. You can submit test orders. No real orders will be processed or shipped.

Why Ecwid Taco Shop

The Ecwid Taco Shop, here to show you the power of Ecwid for enabling omnichannel commerce for restaurants just like those we go to ourselves for lunch. The store features leading functionality and integrations with some of our partners and showcases what advanced experiences merchants are able to create with Ecwid and our ecosystem of partners, integrations and tools.

Tacos, burritos, guac… these are things I live for. The Ecwid Taco Shop lets me order online, in the store, over the phone, or whatever is convenient whenever the hunger hits. Thanks for being awesome, and for the best al pastor tacos around!

Kathy James
Ecwid Taco Shop regular

About Ecwid Taco Shop

Mary Smith

Ecwid Taco Shop owner

As part of the Ecwid demo store collection, the Taco Shop was founded with the same principles and culture as other stores. We want to show how small businesses can easily compete with the big guys, and the Ecwid Taco Shop is a leading example of how a merchant running Ecwid can handle the lunchtime rush with ease while delivering a consistent, comprehensive omnichannel experience for consumers.

Find Our Location

Right near real taco shops and surf shops, Ecwid’s office is located at 144 West D Street in Encinitas, California. Come in for a visit and learn all about how we help small businesses to realize their dreams.

144 West D Street, Encinitas, CA 92024 USA

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 9:30 PM


Noon — 7:00 PM